Too Much Fun with the Festival of Frugality

This week’s Festival of Frugality is up at almost FRUGAL. Kelly did a great job organizing and presenting the wealth of frugal material.

In Financial Freedom Quick Tip #25: Sweat your assets!, liberta has good advice with a great quote (and a funny inverse statement as well). I’m not going to spoil this – be sure to go read it for yourself.

I couldn’t agree more with My Two Dollars in How To Frugally Decorate Your House On A Very Tight Budget. This article makes some great points about decorating frugally and buying used. It has a really good list of resources, as well.

A fabulous list of common-sense tips for choosing, caring for, and extending the life of your clothes can be found at The Smarter Wallet’s 7 Frugal Tips To Clean and Care For Your Clothes.

And, just to kick your day off with some humor, be sure to look at this entire article at The Digerati Life for some laugh-out-loud funny photos: Sick of High Gas Prices? Turn To Smart Cars or the Aptera. Who says a we can’t have some fun with a serious subject sometimes?!

Thanks to Kelly at almost Frugal for the hard work in putting this festival together.